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Creative Writing

1 to 2 hours

Weekly classes

By appointment

1 to 2 hours

Weekly classes

By appointment

What is this class?

This class is about every aspect of storytelling and creative writing from worldbuilding to story structure; from the experience of characters to how events are narrated; from the branching meaning of words to their shape on the page and sounds read aloud; from the act of writing to reading to rewriting. Each 5 week block focuses on a small collection of concepts and exercises designed to assist you in taking the next step in finding and telling your story. Advanced topics draw ideas from psychology and linguistics.

real peole


"My children get huge value from being in Joe's classes. Joe is passionately interested in the topics he teaches, and his infectious enthusiasm is passed on to his students. I appreciate how respectful Joe is of each individual child's learning style, and this translates into a curriculum that is flexible and responsive to the students. After class my kids come home eager to keep exploring the topic, and a teacher who can inspire this love of learning is a treasure!"


—  Linda

What do you do in this class?

S:iiiL classes are built around a philosophy of inquisitive, integrated, and immersive learning. Classes are designed specifically for you, based on your ability and interests, to support you in your learning goals.


In Creative Writing, this can take the form of class discussions, group and individual writing exercises, reading examples, drawing story structures, playing story games, learning how to give kind and constructive critiques, and facilitating self-directed learning. We create a supportive environment without coercion, testing, or the risk of failure.

What could you learn from this class?

These people aren't real, they're an example of the kind of results we would expect for a student.

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Oscar, 10 years old

Oscar isn’t really sure what kind of story he’d like to tell, and he finds it really difficult to read and write. During his classes we focus on his creative strengths by guiding him with discussion and games to create his own fantastical world and stories in it. Over 10 weeks, Oscar builds confidence and engagement with creative writing while avoiding barriers that may have led him to believe creative writing isn’t for him.


Sorry, we are not currently taking on new students.

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