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One-on-one or small group sessions by appointment.

Interact directly with Joe, an experienced educator with expert knowledge of creative writing and programming.

Classes customised to your interests, goals and abilities.

Taught at your own pace in a supportive learning environment with no grades or tests.

Especially suited to home educated, neurodiverse and gifted learners.

For everyone aged 10+, including teens and adults.

Meditation in Forest

Creative Writing

Learn the concepts and skills needed to write your own stories set in fantastical worlds with compelling characters.

A rocket blasting off of an alien planet.


Learn to make games, simulate animals, and develop an understanding of the fascinating world of programming.


"Since starting lessons with Joe, my son has had a huge shift in attitude that everyone round him has noticed. He's happy, motivated to learn and challenged in areas he is passionate about. Joe puts a lot of thought into the content but also into the delivery and has an amazing sense of each child and how to motivate them. Joe's lived experience allows him to effectively work with a diverse range of learning abilities and the kids love being in his company because they feel accepted and safe."


—  Lolene


Sorry, we are not currently taking on new students.

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